Southwest Washington Area Narcotics Anonymous

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Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of people who suffer from the disease of addiction. We meet on a regular basis to help each other stay clean and share our experience, strength, and hope. If you think you might have a drug problem, please call our Helpline, or come to one of our meetings. We can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

ASC/All-Subs Combined

Beginning 2nd Sunday of May, ASC and All-Subs will be combined,
meeting at Fruit Valley Community Center. All-Subs begins at 9:00 am
with ASC commencing at 1:30pm and continuing on new schedule
every month thereafter. No All-Subs will take place during
the month of April, with ASC being same time and place as usual.
Last Updated on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Open Service Positions

 Open Service Positions

(See ASC Guidelines for Requirements)

Position Nominations

Activities Treasurer

Activities Secretary

SOS Vice Chair

SOS Fundraising



Last Updated on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

24 Hour Helpline


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